I had a very vivid visitation dream last week and I'm still a bit shaken up by it. I'm in a house that in real life I don't recognize but it doesn't feel foreign in the dream. There is a tall brown-haired man in his late 30s/early 40s with me but I don't know who he is or what our relationship is supposed to be. Suddenly I hear a knock at the front door, which is painted white and has a similar design as this door

. The bottom is wood and the top is glass with wood outlining squares. As a result, you can see the through the top portion glass. When I hear the knock, I turn and look at the door and immediately recognize that it's my grandmother who died 3 1/2 years go. I exclaim, "Oh my god, that's my dead grandmother. Am I hallucinating? Am I seeing this, right?" I turn to the man with him and say "Do you see her too? Tell me she's really here." And he says, "I see her too. She's really here."

I run to the door and open it and she's standing there on the front stoop, smiling with a blue dress on with white on it. She looks like my grandmother did about 20 years ago. She's heavier/healthier-looking than she was when she died (as she was 20 years ago) and doesn't appear to be suffering at all from Parkinsons (as she wasn't 20 years ago). There may have been someone with her - standing behind her and a bit in the distance but I don't know who this person is and I didn't acknowledge them in the dream.

I hug her as soon as I open the door. We embrace. It feels wonderful. I tell her, "I can't believe you're here! How are you here?" And she just smiles. We have a conversation that I can't remember and she hands me a book. I look down at the book (I cannot recall what book this is) and when I look back up again to her - she's gone. Disappeared into thin air.


I wake up and immediately remember this dream and freak out because it was extremely vivd and real. It's been over a week and it's still extremely vivid and real and actually brought me to tears while writing this. I haven't cried about my grandmother in years. I'm a bit upset I can't figure out the message in this dream. We both loved books and I recently found a manuscript she wrote about our family history and I'm considering whether she was trying to communicate with me about that. I am known as the family historian and have been pondering how and if I should publish her manuscript. She also came to me in a dream 4 days after she died but the only thing I remembered is that she told me to stop crying because she's happy (I had been crying for almost 4 days straight). The next morning I woke up feeling like a million dollars and didn't cry about her again until 3 1/2 years later when I had this dream last week.